How important is spelling?

Well,  perhaps you can you tell me… “Admiring the view has just taking on a whole new meaning.” This is the line taken today from the Nissan UK website, where they are extolling the virtues of their brand new X-Trail model. I already own an older version of this particular car, so was checking out Read More

As we always knew, less IS more…

“Facebook posts with less than 250 characters get 60% more engagement.”   So ran the headline on a recent LinkedIn post. I’m sure you’ve also seen similar claims. It seems that as the volume of content proliferates, our attention spans shrink and contract. As writers,  we need to be very careful about how much stuff Read More

Get to the point!

Just back from a trip to Melbourne, Australia. My hometown. While there, I was reminded of the Aussie idiom, their distinctive knack for slang and shortening words. Barbie,  not barbecue. Garbos, not refuse collectors. And so on… Also their brevity and directness with the written word. You may have seen the Meat Marketing Board poster Read More

Deliver what you promise when you write

Getting the right message in your headline, your title or your subject line in an email is crucial. It’s where you grab the reader’s attention. But sometimes writers try so hard to get you to read that they shoot themselves in the foot. Anyone  sending out an email newsletter these days is fighting against a Read More