Big sharing shout out for 2014?

As we prepare to celebrate the demise of 2013, and more importantly the birth of a whole New Year, I find myself pondering some of the megatrends that will affect us all… High on this list is of course our exploding online social media networks, and the ubiquitous connectivity they have brought. One famous telco’s Read More

Internet empowering: as long as you keep ahead

The success of the political activist site 38 Degrees provides further evidence that the Internet can be an empowering, even liberating, force. Petitions on 38 Degrees include “protect the NHS” and against the sale of state forests.  These have rattled Tory MPs so much that they argued for the sale plans to be scrapped and Read More

Watched any good web lately?

More and more websites, blogs and networks are hosting their own video content (as opposed to pasting up YouTube links). You can see the appeal. It looks attractive, it proves that you’re up-to-date and “on-trend”, and is a very useful tool for certain applications. For example, to see a product review or demonstration, or enjoy a virtual Read More

Twitter changing to mass consumption media

Twitter is changing to the advantage of all content generators, particularly the professional ones. It is changing into a media which is just followed by people.  It was a social networking site where all of its members felt obliged to or wanted to tweet.  But Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, revealed this week that it is Read More

Citizen journalism – help, hindrance or hindsight?

As today’s tragic events in Cumbria unfolded, in “real time”, I was distracted by the role of the bystanders and onlookers. There was the inevitable mis-reporting of what had happened (and when and how), but we’re used to that now. The actual “facts” soon get established by the proper media channels.  See how The Times covered the breaking news… Read More