The content debate, or the news debate?

Wow isn’t life exciting!  Whatever the eventual outcome of the current transformations taking place in media – and especially news media – we can all say we were there when it happened.

This Paid Content article   is a good example, where an experienced (respected? see the comments…) press man is utterly disbelieving of Rupert’s paywall model. I can’t easily spot a viable alternative that he suggests, but as always, very interesting to see the spectrum of views on this critical subject.

American magazines rely on subscriptions, not bookstall sales. The global online economy is built on search (accounting for 70% of total online spend in the UK) not exciting websites. So if you’re in media, do you concentrate on just creating content, or take the “package and post” route? Either is a viable model, although I suspect few organisations will have the resources and imagination to achieve both and achieve commercial success.

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