The human touch – even with elearning

Maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise, but the most popular element of our elearning courses isn’t the convenience of anywhere/anytime learning, as we’d naturally assumed. It seems that – above everything else – our clients appreciate the one-to-one attention provided by our tutors. It’s the luxury of having an expert review their work, and provide guidance and useful tips that are totally focused on their own skills and objectives.

Apparently the absence of this personal tuition is also the primary weakness of so many “open workshops” too.

So it’s ironic that elearning, provided remotely, at a distance, and under the delegate’s own control, can offer the most valuable benefit that even many face-to-face workshops cannot provide.

As a result I’m now going to concentrate more on promoting this aspect when discussing elearning with our markets.

Never too old to learn!

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