Think it? Write it.

I was talking the other day with a friend.  About the democritisation of music. The access to great music-making tools. The ease of distribution.


How anyone with a  tablet or laptop, thanks to tools like GarageBand, can create and produce great sounds for themselves, their friends, and maybe even the great listening public out there…

And it got me thinking, that now of course, the same thing applies to writing.

We all have the opportunity – and the tools – to jot down our thoughts and reactions. Our feelings and concerns. Our triumphs and our tragedies.

And then of course we can, and do, share them. Via Twitter, FB, blogs, SMS, emails, etc

So we are all practising writers and editors. We just tend not to think of ourselves quite like that. To us, it’s often just “chatting”!

And yet, with just a little trimming here and there, an extra layer of emphasis, we have produced an article! Or a brief blog post. Or a pithy LinkedIn post…

I find one big benefit of all this communication, and the range of channels available, is that it helps me to form my own thoughts. Really clarify what it is I actually think, or believe, or hope.

In the saying of it, I am obviously still carrying on with the thinking about it.

As it should be. Writing should be a source of stimulus, a spark for our imaginations.

For the readers, AND the writer…

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