Use your logo like the V&A

An important part of corporate communications is your logo. It’s part of your brand.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a distinctive and classical logo. The ampersand is used to form the leg of the A in Albert and it is crafted in a Times typeface. This gives it a classical look.

Great use of the logo by the V&A Museum
Great use of the logo by the V&A Museum


The museum brands all of its literature and products with this logo. It even sells fridge magnets at £5 a time which reminds me of the museum every time I’m in the kitchen.

Here are 5 ways to craft and use your logo to best effect:

  1. Make it appropriate to your overall brand: are you formal, easy or quirky, use the right style;
  2. Make your logo easy to understand: some are too complex;
  3. Put your logo on everything you published, online or on paper;
  4. Put your logo on items the public will use: fridge magnets, post it notes, emails etc;
  5. Don’t ever fiddle with the design of your logo: only change it and keep to the change.

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