Victory for Singh and one in the eye for Eady

Mr Justice Eady has got it wrong again in a libel action, says the Court of Appeal. His ruling that Simon Singh’s article in the guardian meant that the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) knowingly promoted bogus treatments has been overturned.

Singh has written extensively about the bogus claims of some chiros that their treatments can cure a range of children’s ailments. He wrote that the BCA was willingly promoting these bogus claims. The BCA is suing for libel. Eady ruled that the words meant that the BCA knew they were bogus and Singh would have to prove it.

This week the Appeal Court said Eady was wrong.

Where’s the jury?
What, anyway, was he doing sitting without a jury and deciding a matter of fact rather than law? The role of the jury is being eroded too much in libel.

This slap down follows a string of reversed decisions he made in the Desmond v Bower case.

The Court of Appeal is becoming an unlikely champion of free speech.

But just having to appeal ups the ante for the defence because of the costs.

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