Vox pop: how and why to do them

I was caught by ITV for a vox pop in London this week.   It was for the Daybreak programme.  The subject was manners.

My beef was people taking out their mobiles in a restaurant instead of talking to each other.

My lessons from this experience are:

1                     Make sure your answer is a complete statement, no “ums” or “ ers”.  If you trail off then stop and pause and start again.  It took me two goes to get my contributions together.

2                     Vox pops can enliven a piece: use them to get “the voice of the people” into the piece.

3                     Try to keep a smirk off your face: in this I failed.

I was impressed how Daybreak handled the subject of manners.  It was a mixture of a celeb, some viewers texting/emails in, some comment from the presenters, and the video vox pop.  Only three contributions in the vox pop, but it let the programme go out of the studio.

Go to 2.13 hours into the ITV player of the programme to see my grand contribution to breakfast TV.

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