We now need Search 2.0, and quickly…

I clicked through to a Google map today, for an office location, only to see my screen peppered with YouTube screengrabs. Each one then linked to a YouTube clip.

Fine, I guess, as after all Google does own the clip sharing site. But to me it’s also another example of Google dissipating it’s core promise of quick  & simple search.

This “blending” of applications may make sense to the managers at businesses like Google, who of course want to cross-sell their other properties, but to me it’s an irritating distraction and muddying of the waters. An unwanted and uninvited intrusion – or “enhancement” as they might claim…

This temptation to clutter our screens will only grow, especially with the raft of new applications enabled by developments like GPS based geolocation services and intuitive mobile apps.  

The problem is, when we start to view Google as just another online operator trying to grab our attention AND money, then our loyalty (based on our online habits) will start to fade very quickly. After all, Facebook now has 500,000,000 users worldwide, but if you recall only 36 months ago MySpace was the goliath social site.

We are a promiscuous bunch.

So if I was Google I’d concentrate on getting cleaner, simpler, faster. Back to their roots, in other words.

What do you think? 

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