What’s in a name: everything, so what is TNT doing changing to whistle or is it Whistle?

The mail operation of TNT, delivering post to your door, has decided to change its name to Whistle, or is it whistle? Not sure in its marketing statements which it is, capital or not.

Be very careful about changing names or choosing them in the first place.  It is a key part of corporate communications.  TNT has a degree of recognition: whistle, or Whistle does not.

Yellow pages changed to Yell: a good move. Let’s have people Yell for what they want, is the message.

Poundworld: there’s a good name as long as you are selling things for £1. But it was not and the Advertising Standards Authority this week rapped its knuckles because some items were over £1.

TK Maxx is a good name: it seems to give maximum value. But what’s the T.K about?

Primark another good name: it seems to give quality but at a low price.

Coke got Coke Zero wrong: it seems to tell us it has zero quality. Pepsi got its name right for its low calorie drink: Pepsi Max. Compare zero and max: which do you want? Surely the max.

Our company was called ETC, good for its market as Editorial Training Consultants. But some years ago we changed the name to ContentEtc because we realised it was all about content. Content of every type and how to create it, develop it and defend it, and we could add that extra to it.

All this is prompted by a good lunch at Fish in a Tie, an excellent restaurant in Clapham Junction. But could the new owners tell me where the name came from? They could not: but I remember it.


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