Why proofing REALLY counts

Getting rid of simple mistakes in your writing is important. We’ve talked about it before. Spelling slip-ups and grammatical errors distract the reader from what you are saying.

And they can be downright embarrassing.

Take the example of the latest television ad from Premier Inn. It’s supposed to be funny; it’s one of a series fronted by comedian Lenny Henry.

When Premier Inn forgot to proof its ad
When Premier Inn forgot to proof its ad

But this one is funny for the wrong reason. Apparently you can spend a night with Premier in Scarbough (Scarborough to most of us) or the Isle of White (Wight).

Looks like no one was the designated proofer.

That’s bad enough when you’re going to a relatively small audience. It’s not so good when BBC Watchdog picks it up and points it out to the nation, as they did on on Thursday, May 5, 2011.

It’s easy to leave out that final quality check. But time spent on subbing and proofing pays dividends in all kinds of ways.

Premier found that out; it is pulling the ad.  Bet they’re getting someone with an eagle eye to proof it now.

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