Wintour and Frith have the buzz

Anna Wintour and Mark Frith are iconic editors.  Wintour of Vogue and Frith of Heat and now at Time Out.

They mix celebrity and fashion: two of the great modern themes.  Or post-modern themes.

Anybody generating content today should look at what they have done and what they are doing.  It has a lesson for us all.

I’ve looked at them in my latest contribution to the site and concluded that they are strangely conventional.

They have used the form of the magazine to generate a buzz about their subjects.  In the case of Wintour it is fashion and celebrity.  In the case of Frith it is celebrity.

All content, where ever it is, needs a buzz.  It needs to show that the content generators – corporate writers inside organisations, public relations executives, journalists, citizen journalists, whoever – have a passion about their subject.

The cold exterior of Wintour masks a passion for her subject.

The enthusiasm of Frith for the celebs he covered is evident in his interview with The Mirror.

So, show some buzz, some enthusiasm for whatever subject it is you are writing about.  Why, after all, should people be interested if you are not?

One thought on “Wintour and Frith have the buzz

  1. Karen May says:

    Hi Richard
    I saw the documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue’s September issue recently and found it gripping viewing. I agree her cool exterior conceals her passion, even obsession for her title. She has a vision for her subject that is personal and uncompromising.

    Challenging to work for though!

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