Introduction to Digital Media – Elearning course

Do you know the difference between Twitter and Facebook and blogging (or just don't know what social media is); search engine optimisation and search engine marketing?

Our fact-filled interactive intro to digital media training course explores digital media in enough detail to give you a sound understanding of the key issues, trends, technology and possibilities.

We explain all of the jargon, look at how the web is changing the way we live and work, and explore the three big issues that are driving change in the digital world.  You'll also get lots of practical guidance on how to optimise your website traffic and build a digital buzz around your content.

You will learn:

  • How digital has transformed the way we find information, communicate and share ideas
  • New ways to communicate with your audience
  • New ways to make money
  • The need to have many channels for content
  • The key principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your free SEO jargon buster
  • How to exploit multimedia and interactivity
  • Why blogging is so huge and why it matters
  • How social networks and communities work and create influence
  • The 3 big drivers of change
  • Website usability and how we react to screen content
  • The Twitter phenomenon
  • Mobile content and future mobile trends
  • What all of that digital jargon really means!
  • Enhanced media - using the right content in the right place and the best way to educate, inform or entertain your audience
  • What content works best and when to replace text with images or video

Handy tips and checklists are provided at each key stage of the course.  These cover vital topics including:

  • Making sure your site is designed with users in mind
  • Ensuring your content works in the right way for the right medium
  • Maximising SEO potential
  • Deciding what tools and services work for your content
  • Which community content, social networking sites or tools are right for you
  • Aiming for minimum effort and maximum return

Intro to Digital Media is an ideal preparation for our SEO and Writing for the Web online elearning courses.

Becky Bocchetti, your trainer

Becky is a leading digital trainer and content and marketing consultant, who has a proven track record with a variety of media owners, FMCG brands, marketing specialists and content providers. Having started her career as a magazine journalist 20 years ago, Becky moved in to the digital world in 2000 winning awards for content, social media and commercial at websites as diverse as WGUK, ZSL and BBC Radio 2, whilst continuing to write for national newspapers and magazines. Becky’s successes led her to become a founding team member of Vizzavi, Vodafone’s pan-European cross-platform content offering, where she led an international content, technical and commercial team. She regularly runs content training, mentoring and Digital Marketing Qualifications courses for the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

Her cross-media experience is in high demand with corporate and consumer clients including Ofcom, TimeInc, Air France, British Library, The Co-Operative, AAT, Hearst, Bauer, Zurich Insurance, Bournemouth University, Oxford University Press, Sony, Euromoney, Centaur Media and Haymarket Publishing.

The beauty of elearning is that you can do it at a time and place to suit you. But you won't be alone! Becky will talk you through the key points to improve your skills and knowledge, and at any time during your elearning course, you can email her with any queries or comments.

Becky can also give you invaluable one-to-one feedback on your own digital media. If you buy the trainer feedback option with your course, she will ask you to email a short brief to her after you have completed the elearning. She will supply you with individual guidance, comments and practical suggestions. This unique feedback really brings your elearning to life and makes sure you have truly grasped - and applied - all of the key principles.

First class course. I’m already doing a bit of social media, but I still picked up many helpful and useful tips on this low-cost course, which I would highly recommend to anyone on the brink of improving or establishing a new digital presence. Thank you!

E-learning delegate


If you sat down and did the course in one sitting, it would take approximately 45 minutes to complete. However you can work at your own pace, and dip in and out of the course as often as you want, and go back to sections to really make sure you've understood. If you have any queries at all, you are very welcome to get in touch with the trainer as often as you want.

The Cost

Introduction to Digital Media is £9.99 + tax per user * which gives you full unlimited access to the course for one month. If you need longer though, you just need to let us know.

If you want to add personal one-to-one trainer feedback to the course, the price is £59.99 + tax.

Discounted rates are available for multiple users. The discount applies to this course or a mix of e-learning courses. We will give you an immediate 10% discount off your second course if you book with us again.