Editing Copy – In-company training

Deciding what is wrong with a piece of content can be the hardest part of editing. This session gives you a system for quickly identifying where copy needs to be improved so that you can speedily put it right. It is suitable for anyone who is frequently called upon to edit or rewrite copy, including deputy editors, features editors and other section editors.


One day in-company training course

Identifying bad writing
  • How to effectively assess copy
  • Key questions to ask
  • Creating a checklist for copy

Doing it: Delegates will identify a number of key factors in poor copy

How to analyse copy with structure
  • Is the structure right for the material and the platform
  • Does the copy draw the reader along?
  • Is it logical?
  • Is the angle right?
  • Facts and accuracy

Doing it: Delegates will restructure a piece of copy

Working through the copy: intros
  • Do they hook the reader?
  • How can they be improved?

Doing it: Delegates will rewrite intros

Working through the copy: body
  • Quotes
  • Transitions
  • Box outs

Doing it: Delegates will deal with clumsy quotes and links

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence length
Putting it all together
  • Spotting the problem
  • Coming up with a workable strategy for the time frame
  • Carrying it out

Doing it: Delegates will apply all these techniques to a short piece

Pulling the reader in
  • Making page furniture work
  • What makes a good headline?
  • Options to use

To do lists – how will you put into practice what you have learned?

Reactions and close

This course provides you with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your own editing. We send you away with a list of “To dos” to focus on after your training and will follow-up with you to see how you are getting on. We are always here if you have any queries at all.

To find out more about our range of in-company courses, and how we work and support you both before and after your training, please have a look at our in-company training page.

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Really useful to learn an actual structure to the editing process - it's always seemed so subjective before.

Production editor, Immediate Media