In-Company Training

We inspire you to leave the training room and put what you’ve learned into practice - right away.

Our bespoke training is tailored around your content, the skills and experience of your people, and the needs and objectives of your organisation. Our training and follow-up support meets your RoI expectations and needs and is designed to stimulate and encourage creativity.


Every aspect of our in-company training is designed for you. We always use relevant case studies, real-life examples and the experience and current needs of each delegate to drive the training.

We specialise in helping clients make their communications more effective by focusing on the needs of the modern reader and audience. We use a combination of theory, analysis, discussion and practical work to give writers and non-writers a set of techniques that they can use to produce content aimed to appeal to its target audience – whether online or in print.

You get a totally tailored solution, for the same (or lower) price as an open workshop, because our rates are flexible according to the number of delegates you have. (We don’t run open workshops or public courses.)

We work with our clients in a number of different ways, but always according to their needs:

  • Group face to face training courses - delivered as hourly, half-day, one-day or longer workshops. Usually run at our client's premises but we can hire venues on your behalf
  • One-to-one training, coaching and mentoring - delivered either face-to-face; via an online training, meeting and conferencing system; over the telephone; via email; or a combination of all four
  • Training clinics - a "drop-in" session run by one of our expert trainers, organised into brief, intense, one-to-one sessions with selected participants, looking at the specific issues they are facing
  • Breakfast and lunchtime briefings - short, sharp creative idea sessions for as many people as you can fit in the room! 
  • Online delivery - web-based training sessions for staff who are abroad or work remotely

We're committed to delivering real change through our training, and will work closely with you to deliver and measure how our training positively influences your results, as well as the performance of each individual participant. We use the following process to tailor our training to your needs:

  • Initial briefing with you - to get a detailed understanding of your needs. This allows us to tailor the training, examples and exercises for you. We also encourage delegates to bring their own content with them to work on so that they can see an immediate benefit from the training.
  • Presentation of course agendas - based on the information gleaned, we will adapt our initial course agendas for approval and sign-off.
  • Pre-training survey to delegates - to gather more information on individual delegates' needs.
  • Preparation and delivery of training session.
  • To-do lists - at the end of their training course, delegates will build individual To Do lists to detail the specific areas that they will concentrate on.
  • Reaction forms - at the end of their course, each delegate will complete a Reaction Form which details their reaction to the session and areas to focus on.
  • Trainer evaluation - the trainer also completes their own Evaluation Form which outlines their reaction to the group as a whole, along with any other comments.


After every one of our training courses, the delegates, their managers, or our client can contact the trainer at any time, and with no time limit, to discuss and develop skills further as and when needed.

Post-course contact with delegates - we formally follow up with each delegate 3-4 weeks after their course, to see how they are getting on with their to do list and to answer any queries they may have.

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