Influencer Marketing – In-company training

Harnessing the power of paid for networks

Interested in tapping in to the influencer phenomenon to drive forward your brand and better service your audience? Unsure how to identify the right influencers and approach them successfully? Keen to employ their unique or creative talent but concerned about how to protect your brand integrity and identity?

This course is designed to help you address all of these questions. Aimed at editorial and marketing staff looking to create an influencer marketing and content strategy.

Half day in-company training course covering:

  • Defining your influencer strategy – why are we doing this and what do we want from it
  • Identifying the right influencers for each social network, tool or voice need – how to find true influencers with whom you can build a long term relationship
  • Pitching etiquette – how to approach influencers successfully
  • Creating meaningful content that best represents your brand
  • Engagement strategies that work
  • Integrating influencer social activity with digital and print brand activityKnow your rights – the legalities around paid influencer content
  • Benchmarking – what to pay and why
  • Negotiating terms - what you can ask for and what you should expect back
  • Getting the analytics plan right before you start

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