5 Ways to Access our Training

We deliver blended learning for our clients, and have a range of delivery methods designed to suit you and your teams:

Face to Face Group Training
Every aspect of our in-company training is tailored, at no extra cost, to your specific needs and objectives. We develop a bespoke response for every client and base the training on the skills and experiences of your delegates, your brands, and the strategic vision of the company.

Remote Group Training, run on the platform of your choice, including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc
Also tailored to your specific needs, but run for your delegates based elsewhere.

1 to 1 Mentoring
For individuals with a particular challenge - perhaps managing and motivating staff remotely, upskilling digital content knowledge or writing more effective social media posts.

For website audits, content challenges, CMS training.

Distance Learning for Individuals
Formal training for individual delegates. The trainer contacts the delegate to set expectations and objectives, and then puts together the course and exercises based on this call. They then deliver the training, and set the delegate tasks. This is followed up by a combination of email and remote training.

Training you to train it
If you would rather deliver the course yourself, we can train you, or your staff, to do so.