Digital Marketing Training

A variety of broad and specialist training that can be run over half days, full days or as a series. Taking different approaches, but all tailored to your company's needs and the depth of knowledge and experience of your delegates.


Introduction to Digital Marketing - one day

This crash course in digital marketing covers the basics, including audience personas, digital marketing strategy and targeting. Basic analytics, email, websites and social media are also introduced.

Aimed at those new to digital marketing or editorial staff looking to boost their digital marketing skills. The course covers:

  • Introduction to digital marketing - the jargon explained
  • Basic digital planning tools
  • The digital marketing audience
  • Choosing the right digital media - which device/platform is your target audience using
  • Key digital marketing tools including websites, email and social media
  • Content messaging that works
  • Brief intro to digital advertising opportunities including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, banner ads and pay per click
  • Bringing it all together in a campaign

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Digital Marketing - two days

This intense two-day workshop helps teams interpret briefs, write, and create effective digital media content across different platforms for clients. We explore the media opportunities available and how to produce the most effective content to drive conversions.

The workshop includes a mix of knowledge giving, discussion, practical exercises, feedback and group activity to maximise interaction and learning opportunities. The course is adapted for B2B, B2C, charities and federations or internal corporate messaging depending on your need.

  • Starting from scratch - what we need to know to create the best microsites and web content. Audience personas, communities, client expectations, platforms
  • Creative briefs – writing, responding to client needs, better briefs for creative teams
  • Key differences in the way your readers find, read, interact with and respond to your content on different platforms and what that means for your marketing content
  • SEO, SEM, Keywords and Tools – understanding core algorithm needs, building an effective content profile before you start writing
  • Putting the theory in to practice – marketing copywriting 101 for organic content, commercial content and paid advertising online
  • Email marketing copywriting – what, why and how
  • Setting realistic success metrics and how your content plan can drive better conversions
  • Social media copywriting – briefs, audience, platform analysis, copywriting tips, better use of visual material, conversation v broadcast, events

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Marketing Essentials - three days

A series of three consecutive monthly marketing workshops designed to help junior marketers learn practical marketing skills that they immediately apply to real-life business challenges.

The course content takes an adaptive approach. Any individual needs observed during each workshop then feeds directly in to the content and teaching level set for the next workshop. We ask delegates to work on existing or upcoming marketing projects that are relevant to their department or career progression. We therefore need input from marketing leaders on the best projects their teams could work on and an agreement to provide feedback on those projects across the three months.

  • An overview – what is marketing in 2020?
  • Setting your project expectations – where we need you to be by Workshop 3
  • Creating an effective marketing plan - SOSTAC planning, market, setting a budget, managing a multi channel campaign, segmentation
  • Measuring marketing - calculating ROI, defining customer value and Lifetime Value, testing and evaluating
  • Channel marketing , on- and off-line opportunities – brochures/leaflets, events, digital channels including email, online advertising, website content marketing options, social media for marketers
  • Content Marketing - writing effective marketing content for different platforms
  • Adding channel marketing and content to your plan
  • Structuring your pitch
  • Project show and tell
  • What’s ahead - how to read, interpret and act upon trends/analysis in marketing

Please contact us for a full course outline

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