Content is King

Bill Gates, Microsoft; Sumner Redstone, Viacom and numerous others

Our Team
Working with us is easy: our trainers are brilliant and our administration is second to none.

Our Trainers
All our consultants are journalists and professional copywriters with years of experience in both writing and training.  They have trained thousands of business professionals, journalists and corporate managers, and regularly speak at industry conferences and forums.  They inspire you by sharing their skills, insights and experience.

We select each trainer to make sure they are best suited for you in terms of skills, approach and cultural fit; and they are involved every step of the way to make sure what they deliver is what you need.

Lucy Ashfield, managing director training
Rosemarie Anstey, training co-ordinator
Elaine Clark, training advisor
Richard Sharpe, ContentETC director, media law and editorial trainer
Margaret Coffey, ContentETC director, editorial and business writing trainer
Rebecca (Becky) Bocchetti, ContentETC director, digital media, marketing and media law trainer
Tor Kristoffersen, film maker and video production trainer
Karen May, writing, subbing and proofing trainer
Craig McGregor, copywriting, marketing and sales and management trainer
Tim Tucker, digital media trainer
David Bostock, editorial and design trainer
Gill Pyrah, media and presentation skills trainer