Social Media Training

To get your brand seen and heard you need to be where your customers are – and today they are more than likely to be on one kind of social media or another. But even if you have a lot of followers, does your social media activity drive revenue for you?

We help our clients get a return on their investment - in time, money and productivity - and can take your social media messaging, social marketing, content strategy and success to the next level.

We develop a bespoke solution for you, and can focus on whatever platform is most important ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. Detailed below are some course examples:


Using Social Media - half day

This course is great if you are a beginner and want to gain confidence in using social media to promote your brand. It will help you get your brand and content seen by the right audience in the right space at the right time.

  • Why is social media so important for you?
  • How your brands are doing
  • Different forms of social media – sites you know and the ones to watch
  • How tone and content differs for different social media sites
  • How blogging fits in
  • Getting the results you are looking for
  • Using words to build relationships, drive traffic, be part of the conversation and sell
  • Identifying key audiences and the way they use/respond to social media
  • Identifying where you should concentrate your time

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Does your Social Media Make you Money? - half day

Delegates choose two social media platforms to focus on per half day ie Twitter and Facebook; LinkedIn and Snapchat; Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Getting the strategy right before you start - you can’t measure revenue in time or money unless you have a strategy
  • What does success look like to you?
  • Realistic metrics and monitoring
  • Matching content to strategy - the right message for the right audience – what works best for each platform
  • Tools, tips and tricks and free tools to maximise the impact of your messaging
  • Hashtag best practice
  • Audience engagement to increase your ROI
  • Making sure you are talking AND listening to the right people
  • Who is doing it well and what we can learn from their techniques
  • Making the sums work
  • How much it is costing you in employee time, effort and equipment
  • So have we made money? Saved money? Moved expenses?
  • Maximising your content assets – what do we already have/do and how can we best repurpose and remarket it?

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Social Media Videos - Visual Storytelling - one day 

How to make social videos from new film or to re-work podcast audio. Using your own video, you'll devise it to make it as ‘shareable’ as possible across different platforms.

  • What videos do you have, how do you gather material and how that could be reworked for video
  • Understanding the types of social video: Behind the scenes / Show and tell / Expert’s view / Video tour
  • Thinking about the platform and what works well and what doesn’t
  • Text on video - how to do it, the importance of clarity and accuracy, clean fonts, positioning, spelling and grammar
  • Understanding narrative structures
  • Why do social videos (controllable, viewers are active) differ from TV (passive audience)
  • The importance of the opening frames/six seconds
  • Music
  • Adding animated soundwaves
  • ‘Selling’ the video
  • SEO, headlines/text description to make people want to click

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Visual Social Media Tools - half day

This course focuses on making more of your images, gifs, videos and infographics for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Suitable if you are already using social media or have done the Using Social Media course.

  • What is visual social media?
  • An outline of how visual media is being used on the key social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Visual media strategy
  • Maintaining brand identity through visual media
  • Optimising your web content for visual sharing
  • Defining your visual social media strategy
  • Image creation - using free software tools to easily create and upload social media images for social platforms, including Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Infographics - best practices for creating good shareable infographics
  • How to use data to create visual stories
  • Social video - short-form video content
  • Using live video on social media platforms
  • Measuring success - how to define your success, identify good practice and learn from your analytics data

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Advanced Content Workshop for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - half day 

Great if you are already comfortable working with social media but want to workshop more advanced content ideas, tools and best practice.

  • Rule of thirds – how to make it work best for you
  • Getting the right balance between responsive messaging and scheduled posts
  • Targeting, monitoring and nurturing influencers
  • Understanding EdgeRank and other social algorithms to maximise the impact of your content
  • Storytelling using images, gifs and videos on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Live video – how best to use it
  • Creating a successful tone of voice tool box

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Advanced Content Workshop for Pinterest and Instagram - half day 

Great if you are already comfortable working with image-based social media but want to workshop more advanced content ideas, tools and best practice.

  • Using a blog approach to content via image networks
  • Best content and tone of voice for each network – how they differ
  • Telling stories through images and short videos
  • Pinterest: getting the words right for search, rich pins, effective account management
  • Instagram: Getting account content and hashtags right, understanding the metrics
  • Editing content in regrams and repins – what to look for
  • Successfully linking Pinterest and Instagram to other social media accounts

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Advanced Tools and Techniques for Creating, Scheduling, Publishing and Monitoring Social Content - half day 

To help you to develop more advanced skills.

  • Using keyword, trends and hash tag search tools effectively
  • How to manage multiple social accounts
  • Tracking and monitoring competitors and influencers
  • Measuring success
  • Using data to influence content development and publishing schedules

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Social Media and the Law

This course is a must for anyone who is posting online. Under the terms of  most social media sites, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the content they post does not violate someone else’s rights. Are you sure you know?

I found the training really insightful, and it has given me a steer on how my brand needs to completely rethink the way we use social media to reach our followers. A lot of trainers find it difficult to hold my attention for longer than 20 minutes, but I hung onto every word you said and I found myself discussing many parts with my colleagues for the rest of the day. So thank you.

Agency account manager, Haymarket Consumer Media