Multi Channel Content Strategy – In-company training

How can you make the most of the many channels available to you today? This tailored session looks at why it is important to plan how your content can be shaped, from the first glimmer of an idea to its execution, on a variety of different media.

For anyone who is involved in planning digital content (will be tailored to the experience of the group), it is an opportunity to think strategically about how you are using content.

Half day in-company training course covering:

  • Thinking in a multi channel way: why print isn’t always the first port of call
  • Which comes first, print or digital?
  • Deciding what makes each piece of content successful
  • Creating effective tools to manage multi channel content
  • Choose an upcoming event or content opportunity to concentrate on
  • List all the different channels you could exploit
  • Identify all the key content types that could be exploited eg Buzzfeed style lists, short videos, curated content, brief comment, print content, long form writing, galleries etc
  • Exploiting more than one audience with multi-purpose content
  • Which audiences might be interested in this project?
  • Quick personas
  • What channels, sites and devices do they use?
  • A multimedia Day in the Life of... quick personas
  • Getting the timing right
  • Make a note of any timing opportunities and constraints eg embargoes, launch dates, coinciding with special dates or other activity
  • What needs to happen before, during and after this event?
  • Which channels work best when? How do they interconnect?
  • Think about which channels and content types work best within this timeline
  • Measuring your success
  • Setting goals - what do you want your content to do

Actions and follow-up

This course provides you with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your own content. We send you away with a list of “To dos” to focus on after your training, so you can put into practice what you have learned; and we follow-up with you afterwards to see how you are getting on. We are always available if you have any queries at all, so you just need to let us know.

Very useful - should allow me to structure our plans and help develop a strategy.

Editor, Immediate Media