Media Law

The internet and global markets have redrawn the traditional map of libel and intellectual property (IP) law. For example, IP-intensive goods accounted for 82% of world exports in 2012.

And today everybody generates content, not only journalists.  As a content generator you and your organisation are covered by a network of important laws few understand, often to their peril.

Our media law in-company and elearning courses are developed and trained by journalists, not lawyers. They give you a practical working perspective of the law as it affects you, your organisation, your print and online content and your social media output. They guide you through the maze of intellectual property, defamation, privacy and confidentiality laws, as well as the proper uses of trade marks, and are run at an introductory and refresher level.

Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.

Jeremy Bentham, philosopher and activist (1748-1832)