Marketing Essentials – In-company training

A series of three consecutive monthly marketing workshops designed to help junior marketers learn practical marketing skills that they immediately apply to real-life business challenges.

The course content takes an adaptive approach. Any individual needs observed during each workshop then feeds directly in to the content and teaching level set for the next workshop. We ask delegates to work on existing or upcoming marketing projects that are relevant to their department or career progression. We therefore need input from marketing leaders on the best projects their teams could work on and an agreement to provide feedback on those projects across the three months.

Three day in-company training course covering:

  • An overview – what is marketing in 2019?
  • Setting your project expectations – where we need you to be by Workshop 3
  • Creating an effective marketing plan - SOSTAC planning, market, setting a budget, managing a multi channel campaign, segmentation
  • Measuring marketing - calculating ROI, defining customer value and Lifetime Value, testing and evaluating
  • Channel marketing , on- and off-line opportunities – brochures/leaflets, events, digital channels including email, online advertising, website content marketing options, social media for marketers
  • Content Marketing - writing effective marketing content for different platforms
  • Adding channel marketing and content to your plan
  • Structuring your pitch
  • Project show and tell
  • What’s ahead - how to read, interpret and act upon trends/analysis in marketing

For more digital marketing training, please have a look at our Digital Marketing Content course.

Actions and follow-up

This course provides you with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your own marketing. We send you away with a list of “To dos” to focus on after your training, so you can put into practice what you have learned; and we follow-up with you afterwards to see how you are getting on. We are always available if you have any queries at all, so you just need to let us know.