Presentations – In-company training

This totally practical one-day workshop will give you the techniques you need to plan, structure and deliver a natural, persuasive and memorable presentation.

You will be asked to bring any visual aids you normally use (laptops, PowerPoints, etc) and a specific presentation that you wish to improve, practice and perfect.

One day in-company training course covering:

  • How to plan and structure your presentation
  • Understanding how different audiences / users view - and filter – information
  • Profiling and evaluating your audiences
  • How to plan your key messages
  • Your own presentation style; and how to adapt and optimise your own style
  • Tried and tested techniques for producing attention-grabbing presentations
  • How to maximise your personal impact through structure, style, delivery and voice
  • How to engage your audience
  • Practicing all of these techniques using videotaped presentations with expert guidance and feedback

Actions and follow-up

This course provides you with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your own presentations. We send you away with a list of “To dos” to focus on after your training, so you can put into practice what you have learned; and we follow-up with you afterwards to see how you are getting on. We are always available if you have any queries at all, so you just need to let us know.

Fantastic! Scary at first but really learned a lot about presenting and myself.

Advertising sales executive, Briefing Media