Writing Case Studies – In-company training

Case studies appeal to readers hungry for real-life examples.

To be effective a case study demands a different approach to writing a press release. In this tailored session, using your own copy, we will give you the structures and techniques essential for making your business case studies successful. You will learn how to identify material for a case study, then structure and write it so that it appeals to the reader. We will ask you to bring content on which to base a case study; but if this is not possible the trainer will provide material.

One day in-company training course covering:

  • Why are you writing this case study, who do you want to read it and what will make them read?
  • Gathering your information, finding an angle and looking for the benefits
  • Find the best aspect of the story for your audience
  • Narrow down your information - why less is more for today’s readers
  • The importance of a positive point of view
  • Structuring your case study
  • Identifying the points you want to make
  • Getting the order right and why you should put the most interesting information first
  • The value of the quote and choosing and using quotes well
  • Deciding the length
  • Putting it into words
  • Varying sentences by type and length
  • Choosing the right language for the audience and checking for readability
  • Following your house style
  • Adding eyecatchers to your page
  • How to use headlines to pull users in
  • Writing arresting sub heads and how to use pull quotes

Really useful in reviewing ways of working. Reminds me to stop, plan and keep it simple.

PR and stakeholder manager, McLaren Applied Technologies