Chinese reform point 39 looks good for western copyright and poor for western content creation

Buried in the 60 points which the Chinese Government issued on Friday after a mammoth session on reform was point 39.  It will bring joy and woe to publishers of content in other countries. The joy is in the last phrase of the last sentence, here in bold: 39. Further transform State-owned, for-profit cultural institutions Read More

Who owns the contacts you’ve made on LinkedIn when you leave the job?

Really good question at a conference where I spoke about the new libel law this week for Conscious Solutions.  Not about libel but about ownership of LinkedIn contacts.   The same question has been asked in one of our face-to-face courses. Question: who owns the contacts you make on LinkedIn while you are employed by a Read More

World music sales up for first time since 1999

The record industry has turned around after 13 years of decline.  Global record sales grew 0.3% in 2012 by value, says the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). A small growth but at least growth.  Sales of digital products are up 9% on 2011. Strategy The global industry has adopted the strategy of: Attacking Read More

Praise for the creative commons: quality of work improving

All hail the creative commons The quality of photography available on Flickr for commercial use via the creative commons licence has increased by bounds.  More and more are willing to let their photos be used as long as they are credited. Take this photo I wanted an illustration of a hammer and a screw.  I Read More

Selling used software is legal

A decision by the European Court of Justice this week opens the way for buyers of content to resell it, whatever the terms of the original licence. The Court ruled that UsedSoft, a Germany company, was legally selling used Oracle software.  Oracle argued that UsedSoft was breaching its licensing policy: but the Court said not.  Read More