Spending cuts – where’s the upside?

I know this concept is hard to imagine, especially as there are so many downsides.  Job losses and reductions in public service, to name just two that will affect many of us. And sadly, even this blog post isn’t really date-sensitive, as these cuts will be here for many, many  years to come… The one effect I’ll be watching Read More

Reading is not a social activity

One of the wonders of writing for an audience is that each member of your target group is usually unaware of how many other people are reading the same piece. In fact the mark of good/great writing is that wonderfully direct link between the words on the page and the message unfolding inside your reader’s mind. Only when they Read More

You need to plan your planning…

An ugly title, I agree, but none the less true for that. In recent weeks I’ve been struck by the number of companies taking the time to actually plan their business strategy. I’m surprised for two reasons.  First, that planning seems to be an unnatural act for many people in business. Our human nature usually kids us Read More

It’s in our nature…(1)

On Tuesday I was training a dozen senior digital executives on the secrets of successful online copywriting . I’m very pleased that the need for this kind of training is growing among our clients. Emerging formats may be digital and screen-based, but of course it’s still the words themselves that create a lot of the impact. More and more Read More

Let’s not meet

I was talking to a friend last night, and after the usual “How’s business” question was resolved, the subject of meetings came up.  He was bemoaning the number of meetings that he had to attend before he could actually win some new business (he works in the City). I remarked that the media sector was showing a reverse trend. I probably attend 50% less meetings Read More

Are TESCO off their trolley?

The old truism – and I’m usually an avowed disciple – is that “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”… Well in most cases this is accurate – tone, style and context often convey much more of the message than the words themselves. So I was very amused to see this marketing professional’s post-mortem of a recent Read More