Tablets show how to make digital customers pay

The UK magazine industry leads the world in putting its content on tablets, says Mark Wood, CEO of Future Publishing. Future is selling “10s of 1,000s” of magazines on tablets worldwide, he says. Found the model? He thinks magazine publishers have found the way to get people to pay for content online by delivering to Read More

EU probes e-book publishers and Apple

The EU is to formally investigate whether Apple and 5 European publishers are gouging the e-book market.  Have they conspired to set prices and so rig the market, is the question. E-books more expensive than paper  E-books are more expensive than paper editions, much to the surprise of many experts.  Manufacture and distribution of paper Read More

Tablets look like magazines

A slew of surveys on the use of tablets shows this vital media is: For domestic use and not gaining much ground in business; Has different patterns of use depending where you are between games, news retrieval, reading, and social networking; and Is used for over an hour a day for the minority of users Read More

It’s simply complex…

Boy do we love complexity… Look at the new iPad. I haven’t yet, but I can just imagine the smug inner glow and shortness of breath as I lift one for the first time. Echoing anyone else who has laid hands on the legendary beast, I will no doubt coo in hushed tones: “It’s so light! So Read More