ContentETC briefing prompts campaign to reform libel in Nigeria

A leading Nigerian media company plans to launch a campaign in Nigeria to reform Nigeria’s libel laws.  Media Trust, a newspaper, internet and magazine publisher in the Nigerian capital, plans to lobby other publishers and journalists to mount this campaign.  The aim is to reform the complicated libel laws to win more freedom of speech. Read More

Belfast and Dublin to be new centres for libel after Act in England and Wales

It’s all very well for the new Defamation Act to be enforced in England and Wales with its new stronger defences.  But libel is always a race to the bottom: where can the claimant/plaintiff sue and have a higher chance of winning?   The answer now is in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The Northern Read More

Play our Keep it Legal game: beta version

Game on!  There’s a horrible term in training: gamification.  It means turning training into games.  That way, apparently, people learn faster, with more fun and what they learn sticks.  You can also test through games if people have got the point. So we have a game: at least in beta mode.  It is Keep it Read More

Coalition dashes hopes of libel reform

The Attorney General has effectively dashed any hopes of thorough going libel reform for England and Wales. Dominic Grieve told a fringe meeting at the Conservative Conference this week that changes were needed: to reflect the globalised world; the rise of the internet; and the growth of speculative no-win, no-fee claims. Ho Hum.  Worse, he Read More

Pressure on free speech to ease with Eady retirement

The pressure on free speech by the triple whammy of libel, privacy and injunctions should ease.   Mr Justice Eady is retiring as the senior judge in the High Court of England and Wales hearing those types of cases. Eady has given a string of decisions which have tightened privacy and opened the way for injunctions to stop Read More