Take control of your development with “My CPD”​

Give something a three-latter acronym and it sounds important and powerful: HMG, USD, CID, and JCB. Then there’s CPD: not the carbon disclosure project but Continuing Professional Development. In reality, training while in employment. Many professional bodies have CPD requirements for their members: they have to keep their noses to the grind stone by keeping their knowledge and Read More

Same rules for all: citizens and professionals

It is no coincidence that The Times today has a page of debate about the role of professional journalists as Blottr.com claims to have 1,000 “citizen journalists”.  Can’t show you The Times articles bacause of its fire wall. We know the perceived state of professional journalism: ethically challenged and less able to serve its purpose Read More

Draft Defamation Bill nearly gets there

The Government’s draft Defamation Bill published today goes a long way to sorting out libel – but not far enough. The good things it proposes are: The claimant shall prove they were substantially damaged or were likely to be substantially damaged by the statement – now the claimant does not have to prove either; There Read More

Fair comment strengthened and becomes “honest comment”

The fair comment defence for libel has been strengthened and renamed “honest comment”. The Supreme Court has decided in a small but important libel action that you no longer have to spell out the facts on which the comment is based. Comment on the Internet triggers change The Court made its decision because of the millions Read More

Web operators must disclose details of serious libel writers

The high court will only force Web site owners to reveal the identities of anonymous contributors to blogs etc if the material is a serious libel. Material which is “barely defamatory, or little more than abusive or likely to be understood as jokes” does not warrant disclosure, the High Court ruled last week. Contributors to Read More