Don’t change your name, Thomson holidays: TUI has no pull in the market

What’s in a corporate name? Nothing but reputation and a connection to customers. Rumour has it that Thomson, the holiday company, is about to change its name to TUI. That’s the name of the holding company. A mistake to change What a mistake it if does. It will lose the goodwill of all the millions Read More

First impressions? Deep communication.

Life IS communications. Especially now, when instant democratic broadcast media is available to anyone with a “device”. Reading this interesting piece in this week’s Marketing Week underlines one effect of this. Snap judgements, made in a microsecond, and crucially, beyond our individual or rational control (that’s another story…) can brutally harm your intended message and Read More

Eurostar: nil points for customer communications in a crisis

Eurostar disastrously failed a key test of costumer communications on Thursday and Friday last week. It failed to inform its customers in a time of crisis. When things are going wrong you need to keep customers informed of developments. Or tell them when you will. Delay You may have seeen the coverage of the London Read More

I can see the light, but the tunnel keeps getting longer…

I read only last week that a venerable Scandinavian research institute had deduced (after a mega bout of data crunching and munching that I can only imagine) that: “90% of ALL the data ever produced by humanity has been created in the last two years.” Wow, I thought. That’s what I call exponential… We all Read More

Objectivity lost and AVE won in USC debate

We had two good debates this week between  my University of Southern California students on two key aspects of journalism and PR.   The journalism aspect was the importance of the content and practice of “objectivity”.  The PR issue was the importance of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). AVE is where the PR company reports to its Read More

The Ashes. Surely just another game of cricket…?

I apologise for this obvious and clearly ridiculous falsehood. It’s emphasis on irony is simply meant to highlight the importance of humour in our everyday communications, both one-to-one and across mass media.  Of course this is especially true when feelings run hot, as in this ongoing cricket tournament, where Australia clearly dominate, other than the metronomic Read More

Internal or external communications?

Surely we’re all familiar with “external” communications? As well as the many and varied formats of print, events, broadcast and web content, there are the more interpersonal and direct platforms of PowerPoint pitches, sales calls, review meetings, client reports, email proposals, project updates, etc, etc… So much for getting your message successfully into the outside world. But how many of us really think about Read More

Established since 1973

This was the slogan painted on the side of a van I saw this morning. Confusing isn’t it? Potential meanings include: 1. The company existed prior to 1973, but only really felt like a proper business in that year 2. Yes, the business was established in 1973 3. Before 1973 it was really a fly-by-night cowboy outfit. Only Read More