Function or Style. What’s best for slogans?

I’m grappling with a problem.  A recurring problem… I’m working with a long-standing client of mine, who runs a growing and ambitious digital consultancy. He wants to refresh the brand to reflect changes in both the market place, and the services that they offer. His preference is to devise a slogan that is descriptive, accurate Read More

SEEKS: Brave client, must have great S.O.H.

  Do you recall this poster campaign? It ran  a couple of years ago, and is always worth looking at for a number of important reasons… Firstly, it is an honest ad. The writer at M&C Saatchi should be applauded for suggesting this approach to the client. And the suit who  sold it clearly deserves Read More

Pass the cheese please…

Last week I spent a very enjoyable day working with two very well-known and widely respected B2B editors. We were looking at the copywriting tasks they have to fulfil, and the associated skills they need. As seasoned journalists they are clearly excellent at written communication, but of course writing that is focused purely on persuasion Read More

Making every word count

…often means counting your words as well. “Don’t take out the odd word here or there. Take out whole sentences; whole paragraphs” stated Rudyard Kipling (former copywriter) in his advice to fellow writers. It’s still good advice. Especially when writing for an online audience. Resist the urge to drown your audience in data. Try to edit your message down to Read More